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Skinfaxi Jugendhilfe in Schweden

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Skinfaxi.org – professionals in youth care

Animals do not explain the past. Animals do not plan for the future. Animals focus on the present and live now and here.

Every development starts with the first step. Learning needs effort – every morning.

Skinfaxi youth care runs a small, family-like farm som act as base for social supporting activities. We never work with more than  maximum two youths or young adults with neuropsychiatric disorders  (like Asperger’s syndrome or ADHD).

Our main idea is an interesting surrounding making it possible for them to discover their strenghts rather than correcting their problems. 


Meaningfull work that does not need an explanation

The daily work that does not need explanation, the interaction with permanently available staff and animals help us to build a strong relation between the animals, the clients, the staff and the work.

This relation makes changes in behaviour possible. Our animals take you as you are. The feedback comes out of the situation, non-judgemental and free of bias.

Skinfaxi is the horse that pulls the sun

Skinfaxi is a name that comes from the nordic mythology. It is the horse of the god „the day“ (dagur) and helps him driving the sun around the horizon. Even those how do a big job need to be focused on the next step.

Our ecologically orientated farm in sweden

Our farm is situated in the swedish landscape of Småland. We work with horses, have sheep for meat produktion and grow our own vegetables.

We work for Swedish and German institutions

We accept clients from Swedish and German authorities.

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